Koh Lopi (Pulau Jelapi)

Diving Type Boat dive
Level All levels
Depth 18 meters
Visibility 5 - 10 meters
Current none - moderate
Water Temp 26 - 31 oC
Season July - September

General Info

It's a small island in the Pattani sea between Sai Buri District and Mai Kaen District, about 1 hour from the coast.

Interesting Marine Life

The most striking feature here are the bright pink sea fans, which are abundant and are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.

There is also a vast field of sea anemone with the resident clownfish. You may find yourself swimming among a large school of fish. Other reef fishes include pufferfish, porcupinefish, butterflyfish, long-finned bannerfish, etc.

Go There

There are local wooden boats providing the service, which leave from Plabpla Pracha Ruam Jai Pier, located in Ban Laweng, Mai Kaen District, Pattani Province.

For diving equipment rental, there are providers as follow:

  • Mr. Hafitt, Muscle Diver Institute, Tel. 08 8200 0288
  • Mr. Danai, PP Seafrog Co., Ltd. Tel. 08 6292 9007

The nearest airport to the pier is Hat Yai Airport, which you can take a van from there to the town of Pattani.

 Hatyai - Losin

How to Go toHatyai - Losin


Recompression Chamber

Songkhla Naval Base Hospital
55 Sai Buri Road, Bo Yang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Songkhla Province, Tel. 083 049 0060, 074-311451

Nearest hospital

Mai Kaen Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital (2 km. from the pier)