Koh Talu

Koh Talu
Diving Type Snorkeling, Boat dive
Level All levels
Depth 5-20 meters
Visibility 5-12 meters
Current none - moderate
Water Temp 26-31  C
Dive Site Aow Kruat, Aow Thian, Koh Sing - Koh Sang
Season February - May
Highlight hard corals, soft corals, sea anemones, clown fish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, giant clams, blue-spotted stingrays, sea slugs, cuttlefish, scorpionfish, stonefish, sea turtles, etc.
If you're lucky, you might get to see a Bryde's whale or whale sharks!

General Info

It is a private island not far from the shore with only one accommodation: Koh Talu Island Resort.

The highlight of this island is its nature and tranquility, with clear water and fine white sand beaches. This island is known for being the nesting site of sea turtles, which led the resort to establish the Siam

Marine Resources Restoration Foundation, including a sea turtle nursery for rehabilitation. Forest on this island is also home to flying foxes.

The northern side of the island is a series of steep cliffs and “holes” that give the island its name (Talu means holes or punctures in Thai). On the east side is a line of rocks and rubbles. On the western side, there are bays and white sandy beaches.

On the west side of Koh Talu, there are two islets: Koh Sang and Koh Singh. Apart from being diving destinations, these two islands are seagulls’ nesting grounds.     

Currently, these islands are in the process of preparation to become part of the Gulf of Siam National Park.


Poisonous animals previously found here include fire corals and cone snails.

Dive Site (Detail)

Aow Kruat : It is a small bay near the hole of the island. This is the most diverse site and has the best chance of encountering whale sharks on the island. Maximum depth is 12 meters.

Aow Thian - Aow Yai : It is the longest beach on Koh Talu, located in the middle of the island on the west side. There is white sandy beach with turquoise sea and bountiful coral reefs. The depth is between 6 to 8 meters.

Koh Sing - Koh Sang: These are two small islands to the west of Koh Talu with a large field of staghorn corals. It is another beautiful diving spot in this area.

Go There

Koh Talu is just 7 kilometers or 30-minute boat ride from Laem Son Beach. There are many resorts to stay overnight on the island. One day trips are also possible.

There are 4 main piers to Koh Talu as follow:

  • Haad Son Pier: There are many boat services with affordable prices. Walked-in customers are accepted.
  • Haad Laem Son Pier: It is located near Haad Son Pier. Mostly are for tour companies that have reserved seats in advance.
  • Baan Maprao Pier: It's a speedboat pier. Customers must reserve in advance. It’s the most expensive one.
  • Bang Berd Beach: It is the furthest pier from the island. Customers are mostly tour companies or resorts in this area.

Traveling to Bang Saphan Noi can be done in many ways. Train is one of the cheapest ways. The nearest station is Bang Saphan Noi Station, but if you want to go to Bang Berd Beach, you can get off at Huai Sak Station.

For those who come by bus or van, if you want to go to Haad Son Pier or Laem Son Pier, you’d better get off at Bang Saphan Noi Market. But If you want to go to Ban Maprao Pier, it’s easier to get off at Aow Prao Resort. If you go to Bang Berd Beach, you can get off at Bang Berd intersection or Huai Sak intersection.


Nearest hospital

Bang Saphan Noi Hospital: 032699025