Diving Type reef dive, wreck dive
Level beginner to advanced divers
Depth 5-30 m.
Visibility 20-40 m.
Current none to strong in some dive sites
Water Temp 25-29 °c
Dive Site Garden of Eden, Turtle Playground, Shipwreck, Pandanan, Timba-Timba, Bohayan, Kalapuan, Baturua, and Mantabuan islands
Season You can dive here all year round especially from Feb to Nov. The area has best visibility during Apr to Jun although the temperature could be high. You might find turtles laying their eggs on the beaches around the island during May to August.
Highlight Barracuda tornado, Bumphead parrotfish, Leopard shark, Reef shark, Ribbon Eel, Giant Clams, varieties of Goby, Eagle Ray, Giant Frogfish, Mandarin Fishes, unique and charming species of Shrimps, most photogenic and rare pygmy seahorses, spiders and much more