The Koho Maru-5 Wreck (Pack One Wreck)

Diving Type boat dive, wreck dive
Level As it’s a deep dive, Nitrox 28 is recommended and divers should be trained in technical diving.
Depth 42 meters
Visibility 1-15 meters (there may be a thermocline at a depth of about 25-35 meters which makes poor visibility)
Current Mild - Moderate
Water Temp 28 - 30 °c
Season December - April

General Info

It is a wreck that has been called 'Haunted gas ship'.

This ship was an LPG carrier that sank in 1996 from a storm (but some sources say there was an explosion). There were about 3-4 survivors out of a dozen crew members.

The place where the ship sank was located about 50 kilometers west of Koh Chang. It sank vertically which led to the name ‘Vertical Wreck’.

The ship attracted many divers, but one day, the ship disappeared from the original spot. Later it was found afloat at the surface.

The investigation led to the conclusion that there was a gas leak in the ship. It wasn’t the ghost after all, but it was a big concern as it can cause dangers to other boats passing by. So, the navy decided to move it to a safer location and sink it again.

Today, this ship is in the Bay of Rayong at a maximum depth of 42 meters, about 70 kilometers from the shore of Laem Mae Phim.


  • Divers should always take a flashlight since poor visibility often occurs.
  • Discard nets or ropes are often found on the wreck, be careful not to get entangled.
  • Some parts of the ship may fall off from old age, be careful and try not to touch anything.

Go There

It takes about 5 hours from the coast of Laem Mae Phim, Rayong.

How to Go toRayong


Nearest Recompression Chamber Facilities

  • Bangkok Pattaya Hospital: Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya City, Chonburi Province, Tel. 038-259-986, Call Center 1719, Call for an emergency vehicle. Tel. 038-259-911.
  • LifePlus Wellness Clinic, Star IT Center Building, 2nd Floor, Sukhumvit Road, Muang District, Rayong Province, Tel. 065 719 6555