Pattaya (Far Islands)

Diving Type Boat dive
Level All Levels
Depth 18 meters
Visibility 5-15 meters
Current none - strong
Water Temp 26-31 °c
Dive Site Koh Phai, Koh Rin, Koh Lom Fang, Koh Yak Kradong, Koh Klueng Badan, Koh Man Wichai, HTMS Khram Wreck
Season All seasons
Highlight hard corals and soft corals, sea turtles, sea slugs, sea horses, pufferfish, stingrays, clownfish, coral shrimps, stingrays, flounder, noble volutes

General Info

A group of islands that are located far from the coast of Pattaya, which take about 70-90 minutes from the shore.

Interesting Marine Animals

Coral reefs here are more abundant and healthier than those of near islands. There are hard corals and soft corals, as well as other marine creatures such as sea slugs, sea horses, pufferfish, stingrays, clownfish, coral shrimps, stingrays, flounder, noble volutes, etc. Sea turtles are often found.

Dive Site (Detail)

Koh Phai : This is the largest island of this zone, which is under the supervision of the Navy. The popular dive sites are the west and south coasts, while the eastern waters are home to many giant clams from the reintroduction program.

Koh Rin : As the most popular dive site in this area, it hosts a variety of marine life compared to the surrounding islands. There are many soft corals that are different in colors from the Andaman sea. Coral Reefs are most abundant at the south tip, where sea turtles are often spotted.

Koh Lom Fang : It is a pile of rocks in the north of Koh Rin, famous for its pastel colored soft corals that stand out from the surrounding islands. The highest density of coral reefs is on the eastern side. You can find bamboo sharks resting under rock shelters, including other marine animals such as stingrays, barracudas, sea slugs, etc.

Koh Yak Kradong : Located in the south of Koh Rin, this site is home to many creatures and you may notice many cannonballs strewn across the seafloor, which is the evidence left from naval practice in the past.

Koh Klueng Badan: This small island has clear and calm water. You may find bamboo sharks, pufferfish, seahorses, octopuses, etc.

HTMS Khram Wreck: It is a retired warship that was sunk in 2003 to be an artificial reef, located near Koh Phai. Maximum depth is 30 meters.

Go There

The pier to these islands is Bali Hai Pier.
To get to Pattaya, you can take either a minibus or train. If you come by train, you can get off at either Pattaya Station or South Pattaya Station. Within Pattaya City, taxis and Grab are available.

How to Go toChonburi


Recompression Chamber

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital: Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya City, Chonburi. Tel. 038-259-986, Call Center 1719, Call for an emergency vehicle: 038-259-911.