Burma - Mergui Archipelago

Not yet operated. Please contact 095-875-5450
Not yet operated. Please contact 095-875-5450

The Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar), is a unique area for both above and below the sea level. There are over nine hundred islands to explore , scattered over an area of some 12000 square miles. 

With beautiful scenery, virgin rainforests and diving on reefs, you will never forget this name Mergui, that you have never been explored before.

Diving TypeBoat Diving
LevelExperience Diver
Depth5 - 40 m.
Visibility5 - 50 m.
Dive SiteTower Rock, High Rock, OK Rock, Black Rock, North Twin, South Twin Western Rocky, Prineep, Little Torres
HighlightWhale Shark, Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Leopard Shark, Ghost Pipefish, Ribbon Eel, Frogfish, Harlequin Shrimp