MV Smiling Seahorse

Bed Room8 Room
Air cond
Food Typefull board
  • Diver Capa 16 Person
  • 1 (s)
  • Support Nitrox
Service Location
Size6.4 m x 25 m
Emer Equipradar, sonar, GPS, VHF/DSC/SSB radio, and a location beacon for precision navigation. lifeboat, life vests, GSM and CDMA phones, fire alarm, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency oxygen, and trained oxygen and first aid providers
More DetailThe MV Smiling seahorse took its maiden voyage in November 2018. We broke the mold choosing to build a specialized boat designed by and for divers instead of converting a fishing vessel as is very common in this region. Its Steel hull is much more suited to easily cut through waves than a wooden hull and its 2 superior engines allow the MV Smiling Seahorse to venture further into the unknown. Although the boat is larger than its predecessor, measuring 25m long and 6.4m wide, its 8 cabins and bathrooms spread over 4 decks still cater to a maximum of 16 guests. More space for the same number of people with outdoor lounge and definitely ups the ante of comfort and freedom during your cruise.Especailly, our boat have camera room and we offer you with black water diving (See from trip schedule)