Divemaster is a course to improve diver's knowledge and skills of diving that enable the learner to control, safeguard and assist diving teacher in any diving courses. To be a Divemaster, you will have to study all diving-related theories and knowledge, and master your diving skills to be capable to advise and take care of other divers.

At this level, the evaluation is mainly focus on the capabilities and performance of learners. The course requires 14 days practice, however, depending mainly on the basic performance and continuation of learners.

Course Content

Course is divided into 3 parts as below:

  1. Theory: consisting of roles, responsibilities, and rights of  Divemaster, knowledge on physics, physical, diving equipments, compression and decompression science.
  2. Diving skills (pool):  Trained to be an assistance of diving instructors. This part requires 20 skills to ensure that you can be a good demonstrator.
  3. Diving skills (sea):  Trained to make the underwater map, being a leader and instructor's  assistance in all diving courses; Open water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Technical Diving (if any).


  1. Physical:  Consisting of  400 metres swimming (without equipment), 800 metres swimming with mask and snorkel, drag an unbreath diver for 100 metres on the water surface, and 15 minutes surface bouyance  without any equipment.
  2. Theory:  Subjective for all theories studied
  3. Skills of diving: all 20 skills studied
  4. Evaluation of being an assistace to diving instructors in all diving courses


Interval No dates fixed but not less than 14 days
  • Passed the following courses -  Open Water, Advanced Open Water, EFR, and Rescue Diver.
  • Accumulated at least 60 dives experience at the finished day of the course.
  • Age not lower than 18 years old
Required Documents
  • Medical certificate
  • Diving certificate cards of all passed courses
  • 2 photos (2" size)
Course Fee
25,000 - 32,000 Baht depending on learning place selected (listed below)
Fees includes
  • Boat for all open water trips
  • Pool service and classroom for theory part
Fees excludes
  • Diving equipment through out the course
  • Divemaster Manual
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • Bangkok - Sattahip
  • Pattaya
  • Koh Chang
  • Koh Tao
  • Phuket
  • Lanta Island
Why choose us
  • Freely choose where to learn
  • Be able to practice almost every week without waiting for a group (if choose to learn in Bangkok/Sattahip)