Gull Vader

Product Detail

With a body designed entirely by curves, Vader is an alluring top of the line, UV420 grade single-lens mask. VADER has remained a favorite amongst skin and scuba divers. Its maticulously engineered curled lip, soft damper skirt is designed to relieve pressure for unmatched comfort.

Pros - This Gull's single lens lets you maximise the vision underwater. Enjoy a wide and clear sight.
- The silicone used is a high grade and quality, and features a curl lip end.
- Enjoy a gentle but effective sealing effect, and the drain skirt is designed to improve water expulsion during mask clearing.
- This mask comes with a UV 400 block Amber Lens, and has ultraviolet light cutting features.
Color Black Silicone UV420 Cut
   - STN Rubber Black
   - STN Rubber Coral Orange
   - STN Rubber Neon Shimmer
   - STN Rubber Delight Sand
   - MIR Mid Deep Blue
   - MIR Paradiso Red
   - MIR Neon Shimmer
   - M Black Chrome
   - M MN Blue
   - M Glass White
   - Polarized Light Silver

White Silicone UV420 Cut
   - M Glass White

Clear Silicone
   - Clear
Price 6,490.00 Baht