Gull Vader Fanette

Product Detail

Designed with feminine sensibility based on the original VADER mask. VADER fanette is the perfect option for both skin and scuba divers looking for a chic, yet high-performance mask.

VADER fanette features a single, UV420 lens form with a smaller, beautifully contoured body. Its specially tailored silicone skirt extends beyond the cheekbones for a more effective seal.

  • The UV420 CUT lens has a function of cutting HEV (400 to 420 nm).
  • Orange colour increase visibility and sharpening the contrast of objects.
  • Amber increases visibility of things by making it brighter.
  • New type of lip line silicone helps to prevent flooding.
  • The soft silicone also has the ability to seal high cheekbones faces.
  • The Gull Vader Fanette is the answer for female and narrow face divers.
Color Black Silicone UV420 Cut
   - STN Rubber Black
   - STN Rubber Coral Orange
   - STN Rubber Neon Shimmer
   - STN Rubber Delight Sand
   - MIR Mid Deep Blue
   - MIR Paradiso Red
   - MIR Neon Shimmer
   - M Black Chrome
   - MMN Blue
   - M Glass White
   - Polarized Light Silver
White Silicone UV420 Cut
   - M Glass White
Clear Silicone
   - Clear
Price 6,490.00 Baht