AquaLung Versa Set

Product Detail

The newest and most innovative mask to-date: Aqualung Versa Snorkeling Set. With a single curved 180-degree lens, the Versa mask opens up the underwater world for an amazing snorkeling experience.

Mask Versa
  • The curved lens creates a 180° panoramic view with minimal distortion
  • Soft silicone skirt for ultimate comfort and a leak-free fit
  • Shatter-resistant anti-fog lens for durability and maximum clarity
  • Designed to universally fit all face types
  • Super lightweight for long-lasting comfort and easy portability
  • Elastic fabric strap with easy-adjust buckle keeps the mask in place and eliminates hair pulling

  • Splashguard top prevents surface water from entering the snorkel
  • Ergonomic silicone mouthpiece provides comfort and minimizes jaw fatigue
  • A one-way purge valve allows for easy clearing of excess water
Color Lens: Amber / Blue&White
Lens: Clear / Turquoise&White, White&Black
Lens: Dark / Yellow&White   
Price 2,150.00 Baht