Cressi A1

Product Detail

Cressi’s Anti Fog Lens Coating Technology is a new, innovative method to allow the diver or snorkeler to enjoy the mask right from the beginning. The new Anti Fog Lens is possible thanks to an exclusive coating method based on an invisible film that attaches to the lens during mask production.

  • Inclined lenses and inverted teardrop shape.
  • Double feathered edge soft silicone Skirt.
  • Easy to adjust buckles, connected to the frame.
  • With a soft and elastic flap, not only for a flexible fit but also to reduce drag and the risk of breakage.
*The product are needed in the market and might be out of stock in some colors, please contact us to check available Tel: 095-875-5450 or line ID: @freedomdive
Color Yellow Lens
   - Black/White
   - All Black
   - Black/Blue
   - White/White
   - Black/Pink
   - Black/Yellow
Clear Lens
   - Black/White
   - All Black
   - Black/Light Blue
Price 3,999.00 Baht