Garmin Descent MK2i

Product Detail

Watch-style dive computer that comes with multisport training and smart features.

  • Sapphire Crystal lens sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
  • Display 1.4” (35.56 mm) diameter with resolution 280 X 280 pixels
  • Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coated titanium bezel
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer with metal rear cover case
  • Compatible with QUICKFIT 26 mm watch band
  • Wrist-based heart rate (constant, every second)
  • Respiration rate (24 X 7)
  • Pulse OX Blood Oxygen saturation
  • Spot-check, and optional all-day acclimation and in sleep
  • Memory 32 GB
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth® Smart, ANT+®, Wi-Fi®, Subwave™
  • Air, Nitrox and Trimix, up to 100% O2; 1 bottom gas and up to 11 deco and/or backup gasses.
  • Audible and vibration alarms for ascent rate, PO2, CNS/OTU, NDL, deco, gas switching, tank pressure, gas consumption rate. Customizable (up to 40) audible and/or vibration per dive mode, based on depth or time.
  • 3-AXIS DIVE COMPASS with adjustable heading, quick change to 90R, 90L and reciprocal. Indicates degrees and direction back to set heading.
  • Pair with Descent T1 transmitter for integrated pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks via SubWave™ sonar data network.
Pros Monitor your gas and depth1 with the advanced, watch-style dive computer that comes with multisport training and smart features.
Air-integrated dive computer for you and your dive buddies.
Choose from multiple dive modes for your underwater adventure.
Measure your performance and track your stats above water.
This smart dive computer features Garmin Pay?, music and notifications.
Review dives in the Garmin Dive app.
The battery in your Garmin device is simply unmatched by other smartwatches.
Weight Silicone band: 99.6 g.
Price 50,990.00 Baht