Garmin Descent MK2s

Product Detail

This is the smaller, watch-style dive computer that features multiple modes as well as multisport training and smart features.

  • Sapphire Crystal lens sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
  • Display 1.2” (30.4 mm) diameter with resolution 240 X 240 pixels
  • Stainless steel bezel
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Compatible with QUICKFIT 20 mm watch band
  • Wrist-based heart rate (constant, every second)
  • Respiration rate (24 X 7)
  • Pulse OX Blood Oxygen saturation
  • Spot-check, and optional all-day acclimation and in sleep
  • Memory 32 GB
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, Wi-Fi
  • Air, Nitrox and Trimix, up to 100% O2; 1 bottom gas and up to 11 deco and/or backup gasses.
  • Audible and vibration alarms for ascent rate, PO2, CNS/OTU, NDL, deco, gas switching. Customizable (up to 40) audible and/or vibration per dive mode, based on depth or time.
  • 3-AXIS DIVE COMPASS with adjustable heading, quick change to 90R, 90L and reciprocal. Indicates degrees and direction back to set heading.
Pros - Get multiple dive modes for single and multiple gas dives (including nitrox and trimix), gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed-circuit rebreather.
- Add additional screens for each dive mode that features the fields you want to see.
- Track your entry and exit points4 with advanced satellite connectivity.
- Store and review data for up to 200 dives — and share via the Garmin Dive app.
- Get ready to catch some waves. Use the Surfline Sessions app on your compatible smartphone with your paired Descent Mk2S dive computer to create a video of every wave you ride in front of your Surfline camera. Watch the videos later to see how you did.
Battery Smartwatch: Up to 7 days
Battery Saver Watch Mode: Up to 21 days
GPS: Up to 18 hours
GPS + Music: Up to 6 hours 
Max Battery GPS Mode: Up to 32 hours
Dive mode: Up to 30 hours
Weight With silicone band: 60 g.
Color Light Gold/Light Sand Silicone Band
Carbon Gray DLC/Black Silicone Band
Mineral Blue/Sea Foam Silicone Band
Warranty 1 Year Worldwide
Price 33,990.00 Baht