Gull Baracuda

Product Detail

Introduced as the world’s first ultra long rubber fins, BARRACUDA’s design is inspired by the long slender look of the Barracuda fish itself. Renowned for their responsive spring-like power to kick through even the toughest currents,BARRACUDA fins are especially recomended for expert skin and scuba divers.

Using the same high-end KINUGAWA Super-X rubber as Barracuda Professional, the standard model incorporates a softer rubber formula resulting in lighter and easier fin kicks. Barracuda Standard model allows for smooth handling with versatile fin work even for a long blade fin.

*Free baracuda fin bag
Color Paradiso Red, Neon Shimmer, Mid Deep Blue, Caribbean Blue
Size S, M, L

Caribbean blue only S, M
Price 14,900.00 Baht