Gull Mew

Product Detail

All around easy to use fins delivering excellent propulsion. MEW fins continue to uphold their reputation as the best full-foot fins for any level of skin and scuba divers in any situaion.

Color Havana Pink
Paradiso Red
Neon Shimmer
Bright Mint
Caribbean Blue
Mid Deep Blue
MN Blue
Size XS, S, MS, M, L, XL

*(only XS, S, MS, M) Havana Pink, Caribbean Blue
*(only XS, S, MS, M, L, XL) White
*(only S, MS, M) Bright Mint
*(only S, MS, M, L, XL) Paradiso Red, Neon Shimmer, Mid Deep Blue, Black
*(only M, L, XL) MN Blue
Price 4,290.00 Baht