Gull Super Bullet Mini

Product Detail

A premium snorkel fitted with a smaller mouthpiece. Super Bullet Mini includes all the high-spec features found in the Super Bullet.Its smaller mouthpiece adds comfort for those struggling to clench the standard size. Made for any serious skin or scuba diver.

  • The large bore pipe 21mm Dia. enables high-volume enables high-volume airflow and the airflow and the smoothest air intake of smoothest air intake of all the Gull snorkels.
  • Sleek, streamlined pipe has less drag. pipe has less drag. Less drag means less Less drag means less tube shudder and less tube shudder and less discomfort from tube shift.
  • One-Touch Holder easily detach from mask strap, simply mask strap, simply squeeze the sides of squeeze the sides of the clip.the clip.
  • Twin Purge Valves With double the usual number of purge valves you can clear water more quickly from the snorkel. After expulsion, by channeling any water that remains into the purge chambers, the design diverts water away from your mouth.
  • Freely adjust movable mouthpiece easily find the most natural, comfortable position for you.
Color Light Blue, MIR Havana Pink, MIR Bright Mint, MIR MId Deep Blue, MIR Neon Shimmer Light, Super White, Black
Price 2,300.00 Baht