Gull Mantis 5

Product Detail

It sets the ultimate standard for scuba diving and can also be used when skin diving.

Originally introduced in 1972, and carefully enhanced over 5 generations, MANTIS 5 continues to transcend diving styles and conventions while mainting its retro appeal and simplity.

Color Clear Silicone
   - Paradiso Red
   - Coral Orange
   - Neon Shimmer
   - Caribbean Blue
Black Silicone
   - Delight Sand
   - Black
   - MN Blue
   - BS Orange
   - MT Silver
White Silicone
   - Super White

Black Rubber
   - Saxe
   - Yellow
   - Black
Price 3,490.00 Baht
Silicone all colors 3,490.00 Baht
Rubber all colors 1,290.00 Baht