Gull Mantis LV

Product Detail

Delivering refined styling with maximized performance, this is the ideal twin-lens mask for skin and scuba divers.

Equipped with UV420 lenses and a skirt uniquely designed for increased comfort. MANTIS LV’s exclusive lens shape, low-volume construction, and optimized inclination angle allow for an extended field of view.

Color Black Silicone UV420 Cut
   - STN Rubber Black
   - STN Rubber Coral Orange
   - STN Rubber Delight Sand
   - MIR Mid Deep Blue
   - MIR Paradiso Red
   - MIR Neon Shimmer
   - MT Black Chrome
   - MT MN Blue
   - MT Glass White
   - Polarized Light Silver

White Silicone UV420 Cut
   - MT Glass White

Clear Silicone
   - Clear
Price 6,490.00 Baht