Scubapro R095/MK2 Evo

Product Detail

For new divers and veterans looking for an economical regulator that's simple, dependable and that can handle all water temperatures, the MK2 EVO/R095 is not only the best choice, it's the only choice.

X12.096.000 - MK2 Evo/R095
X11.330.500 - R095
X10.063.300 - MK2 Evo DIN

Pros 1 Stage:
- Classic downstream piston
- Oversized piston provides better breathing performance
- Chrome-plated marine grade brass body
- Anti-freeze protection
- 4 LP ports and 1 HP port
- Compact and Lightweight
2nd Stage:
- Cassic downstream valve with a large diaphragm
- Techno-Polymer Valve Housing
- Reversible Hose Attachment
- Preset VIVA
Price 20,985.00 Baht
Yoke Valve 10,335.00 Baht
Din Valve 12,610.00 Baht