Scubapro MK25 Evo / G260

Product Detail

The MK25 EVO teamed with Scubapro's G260, offers Superior Ultra-High Airflow System for Maximum Performance in All-Temperatures and Diving-Conditions. The ultimate go-to air delivery system for cold water or technical diving.

Regulator Set include:

  1. Regulator: MK25 Evo / G260
  2. Octopus: R095
  3. Gauge: Deepblue Pressure Gauge
Pros 1st Stage:
- Air balanced flow-through piston (unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate)
- Chrome plated brass body
- Patented XTIS (cold-water resistance and delaying ice formation in extreme cold-water conditions)
- Anti-freeze protection
- Swiwel Turret
- 5 LP ports and 2 HP ports

2nd Stage:

- Air Balanced Valve Technology
- Metal Components (inlet tube, orifice, inhalation control knob and hose connector)
- Metal Valve Housing
- Left-Right Hose Attachment Option
- Diver-Adjustable Inhalation Effort
- Diver-Adjustable VIVA
Price 45,400.00 Baht