Scubapro Jet Fins Classic

Product Detail

The fin design set the standard for power and durability. Featuring a proven vented design that decreases drag on the up stroke and enhances thrust on the down stroke. Tech divers, deep divers, military divers, commercial divers, dive instructors -- as well as old-school recreational divers -- still strap on their favorite pair of JET FINS before every dive.

  • Proven vented design decreases drag on the upstroke & enhances thrust on the down-stroke
  • Choice of combat & tactical units worldwide
  • Water flows-thru vents on weaker down-stroke
  • Vents reduce pressure, providing less strain on the leg
  • Angle of the vent acts as a solid blade on up-stroke
  • Up-stroke provides maximum power & propulsion
  • Ideal for Diving
Size M
Price 6,810.00 Baht