Olympus Stylus TG-6 Tough with Housing

Product Detail


Compact style Olympus TG-6 underwater camera is best for beginners. Support both still photo and videos. New sensor and image processor High-quality 4x optical zoom lens with f/2.0 brightness enables fasten shutter speed to reduce the blur of the object even moving in low light. TG-6 comes with a durable silicone rubber system that can withstand up to 2.1 m of impact. TG-6 itself is 15 m waterproof and with the housing can withstand underwater pressure of 45 m.

Compatible with AOI Fisheye Lens UWL-400A


Pros - Optical Zoom: 4X
- Brightness: f/2.0
- Anti-fog
- The GPS sensor records location information (latitude and longitude)
Temperature Sensor, Manometer and Compass
- Using the Olympus Image Track smartphone app you can transfer tracking data acquired by the field sensors along with recorded images to a smartphone.
- Video in high-resolution 4K quality with 120-fps
- 4 Camera mode: Underwater Wide, Underwater Macro, Underwater HDR and Underwater Snapshot
- Microscope Mode (7X : 35mm equivalent image magnification)
- Zoom in on subjects for a view that is almost like looking through a microscope.
- Microscope Control Mode (shooting magnification : 28x)
This mode magnifies 1 mm subjects that are 1 cm away from the end of the lens up to 44 mm for display and shooting.
- Focus stacking Mode (Macro photos with higher image quality and a deep level of focus.)
- Focus bracketing Mode (Simply press the shutter once to capture up to 30 shots.)
Color Red, Black
Size 113mm x 66mm x 31.9mm
Weight 250 g (Included battery)
Price 29,990.00 Baht
Olympus TG-6 + Housing PT-059 27,990.00 Baht
Olympus TG-6 16,990.00 Baht
Housing PT-059 11,990.00 Baht
Fisheye Lens UWL-400A 11,990.00 Baht