AniSiam House

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Intro AniSiam is located five kilometers from Anilao Pier on a beach front section surrounded by trees. The resort is designed to be truly tranquil, relaxed, ‘back to nature’ vibe. And for added privacy and exclusivity, the beach house is available for one party at a time
(maximum of 12 guests – minimum of 6, no pets sorry) inclusive of all meals.

While all groups are welcome - we would like to emphasize children are to be chaperoned during your stay. This is for safety reasons as we have high balconies and stairs.

Service Location Anilao
Bed Room 6 Room (Air cond)
Accommodation-wise, offer total of 6 rooms; a master bed suite (with 1 king size bed), one double-bedroom (with 1 queen size bed), and four twin-room (each with 2 single-bed) options. And for the all-senses beach experience, every room features a large windows overlooking the ocean and the bay.

Master Bed Suite (40 sq.m.)
Double/twin bedroom (24-26 sq.m.)
Rain Shower
The balcony offers panoramic beach views.
Bath Room Hot water Towel