Rinthara River Side

Intro Rintara Riverside is located in Klaeng District, Rayong Province. It is a warm riverside accommodation.
along with facilities And many outdoor activities such as fishing by the bridge, kayaking, outdoor swimming pools, snorkeling, boat trips to admire the views of the islands. And in addition to boat trips, the accommodation also has clean and safe rooms. Along with many buffet foods, many menus are waiting for everyone to experience. Suitable for soaking up the atmosphere and relaxing. Whether it's a family trip or with a large group of friends Here, we are ready to certify everyone. with impressive service for sure
Service Location Rayong - Hin Ploeng - Koh Talu
Bed Room 31 Room (Air cond)
seaside room
There are 3 packages.

(1) Eat and Sleep Package

- Get more than 20 customers
- 1 night accommodation + buffet (by the sea)

(2) Buffet travel packages

- Get more than 20 customers
-Visit HTMS Prasae Memorial, take a walk through the mangrove forest
- Cruising to see the fisherman's way of life, visiting Yea Daeng, kayaking
- Wet raft, stern slider, banana boat
- Sing karaoke on the boat
- Stay at the resort for 1 night
- seafood buffet and drink
- breakfast buffet before check out

(3) Sea trip packages
- Get more than 20 customers
Bath Room Hot water Towel