YOS Dive lembeh - Eco Beach Resort

Intro YOS Dive Lembeh Eco Beach Resort is a charming, ten-room beachfront dive resort situated at the end of a small, local village. All rooms are within a few steps of the main dining area and camera deck, with a stunning view of beautiful Lembeh Strait. The rooms have a clean, light, contemporary design and are spacious enough for two queen sized beds and three tailor-made working tables.Photographers are specifically in mind with the room design, with plenty of working space and electric sockets. For photographers, this place is heaven.
Service Location Lembeh Strait
Bed Room 11 Room (Air cond)
- Open air ensuite bathrooms
- Hot water shower towel and toiletries
- Air-conditioning
- Wardrobe, 2 desk and working table
- Daily Room Service
- Single, twin or double and triple rooms
- Private Balcony
Bath Room Hot water Towel