Cressi Cartesio

Product Detail

จุดเด่น New menu navigation system and parameter input for maximum usability and more intuitive. The ease of configuration, navigation through the different menus and access to a large amount of information is always very intuitive.Clock 12/24 hours with calendar and secondsPrecision chronometerAlarm ClockHigh-intensity backlight function (4000 Mlux, more than twice the number of computers with the highest illumination power to date)Indication of no-fly time and desaturation timeLow battery indicatorMetric or imperial unitsUser-replaceable batteryOFF MODE for use in snorkeling/swimmingLOGBOOK with the historical memory of 50 dives per mode or 40 hoursAir, Nitrox, Gauge and Free modesExtremely long battery life through a combination of systems: economy mode when not using the computer with automatic start and a new low-power processor. CR2450 BatteryInterface available (sold separately), for connecting the dive computer to a PC, Mac or smartphone, for downloading and save the dive sessions.Depth gauge calibrated in saltwater for maximum accuracy in the most common use.Possibility of deactivating DIVE functions to avoid unnecessary alarms during snorkeling or swimming
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