Fish Lite V25

Product Detail

The Fish-lite V25 designed to bring quality, power, and functionality to the user at a economical price point. Pumping out searing bright 2500 lumens, and 110 degree beam. It has also included 2 red LED's so that you can easily sneak up on that reef critter for the perfect shot. With battery level meter in the V25 so you can easily see if you have a full charge or not before you get in the water. Packaged with the V25 is everything required to get you started two batteries, battery charger, YS Mount, and Lanyard.

ความสว่าง 2800 Lumens
3 level white, 2 level red
110 degrees
หลอดไฟ 4 x XM-L T6, 2 x XP-E red
แบตเตอรี่ 1 x 32650 Li-ion rechargeable
Burn Time 55 minutes
ราคา 15,912.00 บาท