Cove Life Jacket 210 Denier

Product Detail


Keep safe and feel relaxed while on the water with the Cove boating
vest. The vest is filled with durable Crosstech flotation foam, keeping
you afloat in lakes, rivers and on the ocean.
The vest includes three adjustable horizontal belts and two crotch
straps ensuring that the vest fits securely regardless of the application.
Suitable for personal water craft, water skiing and other towed uses. The
vest is a Type III personal flotation device.

จุดเด่น - Durable 210 Denier material for long use.
- High quality foam, considered the most reliable by the USCG; designed for swimmers and non-swimmers.
- Strong hard wearing snap together buckles for longer usage and security.
- Each jacket comes complete with a whistle for attracting attention.
สี Orange, Green
ขนาด XS, S, M, L, XL
ราคา 590.00 บาท
XS 590.00 บาท
S 620.00 บาท
M 660.00 บาท
L 700.00 บาท
XL 890.00 บาท
XXL 890.00 บาท