All Specialty Courses

Increasing your diving knowledges and skills with our specialty courses listed below, no matter at what diving level you are:

Our Specialty Courses

CourseFee (Baht)
Enriched Air Diver 4,500
Enriched Air Diver 2 Dives 7,000
Deep Diver 8,000
Deep Diver + Book 8,200
Underwater Naturalist Diver 6,500
Underwater Photographer 6,500
Wreck Diver 8,000
Wreck Diver + Book 8,200
Underwater Navigator 8,000
Underwater Navigator + Book 8,200
Search and Recovery Diver 8,000
Search and Recovery Diver + Book 8,200
Peak Performance Buoyancy 8,000

* Includes boat fees for any courses require open water sessions, but excludes diving equipments, traveling fee and accommodation.

Each course, you will get 4 dives in the open water (except Enriched Air Diver). For more information please call 0-2898-7945.