Underwater Naturalist Diver

Underwater Nature at Similan Islands, Thailand

If you ask the divers why do they dive. There might be many answers; some might say they want to see the world underwater, some may want to seek for somethings they have never seen, etc. No matter what the answers are, but going around on things they want to see. So why not come and take this course.

The "Underwater Naturalist Diver" will make you know more about underwater world. You can roughly define types of marine lives, learning the ecosystem, the difference between marine lives and terrestrial (land) animals, the difference of sea animals' organs, etc. Besides these, it makes your diving more joyful and help saving nature. So, let's start.

Course Content

  • Underwater world 
  • Linnaeus grouping
  • Marine Lives' organs
  • Interact of man and sea animals
  • Project awareness

Course Outline

Theory and open water 1 day Samaesarn or liveaboard trip


Course Fees

Diving AgencyFee (Baht)
Scuba Diving International (SDI) 6,500
Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) 6,800


  • Age not lower than 10 years ole for SDI Course
  • Passed "Open Water Diver" or equivalent
  • Nature lover and conservative