Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

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Enriched Air or Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) is the air for scuba diving with higher Oxygen ratio, thus lower Nitrogen ratio, than the normal air. This blended air helps increase bottom time comparing to diving at the same depth because of less Nitrogen dissolving rate so the divers who want to stay longer underwater, such as Underwater Photographer or Naturalist in deep water, will choose to learn Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) as an additional specialty course.

Course Content

  • Pros & cons, benefits and precautions of using EAN
  • Diving equipment consideration for use with EAN
  • Learn the affects of and how to analyze ratio of oxygen, how to blend EAN
  • How to use dive computer and dive table (RDP) to plan your dive with EAN
  • Emergency case from EAN

Course Outline

Theory (required) 1 day Bangkok
Practicing in the sea (optional) - Pattaya or Sattahip

* Nitrox tanks are available on many of our day-trips and liveaboard trips. Certified divers may request to us.

Course Fees

Diving AgencyFee (Baht)
SDI 4,500
PADI 4,500
SDI + sea session 2 dives 7,000
PADI + sea session 2 dives 7,000

* Students of SDI course will get a dive computer in class.

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  • Age over 10 years for SDI course
  • Age over 12 years for PADI course
  • Passed an "Open Water" course or equivalent
  • Nature loving and conservative