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Open Water Diver

Let's explore deeper on our blue planet with the first course for everyone to begin the scuba diving.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Learn more theory and practice more skills to enjoy your diving more and more. You can get to the depth of 40 metres maximum.

Rescue Diver

Learn how to analyse incidents and manage them with knowledge and skills. Moreover and safer, how to prevent unexpected situations that may occur in your diving trips.

Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

With this special blended air (higher O2 and lower N2), you will get your NDL limit longer than normal air or get safer dive from effects of Nitrogen.

All Specialty Courses

There are many styles of diving to which you can expand your experiences. These are some of them you can learn with us.

Domestic TripView All

Losin (Aug '19)

22-26 Aug 20195 days 11 dives

Samaesarn - Hardeep

24-25 Aug 20192 days 4 dives

Losin (Sep '19)

05-09 Sep 20195 days 11 dives

Samaesarn - Hardeep

21-22 Sep 20192 days 4 dives

South Andaman

18-23 Oct 20196 days 15 dives

Koh Tao - Chumphon (Jul '20)

10-13 Jul 20204 days 11 dives

Losin (Sep '20)

10-14 Sep 20205 days 11 dives

International TripView All

Anilao (Apr '19)

11-16 Apr 20196 days 14 dives

Sipadan - Kapalai (Jul '19)

05-10 Jul 20196 days 9 dives

Komodo (Sep '19)

25-29 Sep 20195 days 8 dives

Sipadan - Kapalai (Mar'18)

10-15 Apr 20206 days 9 dives

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